Thursday, 3 December 2020


 Exedra came to life in Taranto in 2005 on the initiative of Giuseppe Prete and Andrea Rapisardo with aim of mixing classic prog from the seventies with modern sounds and prog metal. After some line up changes and many years of hard work, in 2012 they self-produced and self-released an interesting debut album entitled Apeiron with a line up featuring Giuseppe Prete (vocals, acoustic guitars), Marco Memmola (piano, keyboards), Luca Orlando (bass), Simone Basile (guitars) and Andrea Rapisardo (drums). It’s a complex conceptual work about the eternal cycle of life (birth – death – rebirth) and the title refers to an Ancient Greek word meaning boundless or infinite. The art work by Giusppe Prete tries to give an idea of the subject matter...

The powerful opener “Fenice” (Phoenix) describes in music and words the need to recover from the misfortunes of life. The tile refers to the mythical bird that cyclically regenerates by arising from its ashes that here is just a metaphor to tell about a stubborn will to overcome difficulties. Rage might flow like lava burning down your hopes but pride keeps you alive and for every broken dream you’ll rise again from the extinguished fire. Never surrender!

The reflective “Siddharta” starts softly, then the music and lyrics conjure up a surreal landscape out of time. Like Siddharta you sit on the banks of an eternal river that carries away questions about the meaning of life and troubles. Some calm passages could recall Pink Floyd... Then it’s the turn of the dreamy “Crisalide” (Chrysalis) that describes the impulse to fly higher, following your dreams, like a butterfly that rises from a chrysalis of tears.

The long, evocative “Venga il tuo regno” (Thy Kingdom Come) is a suite divided into five parts: “Sogni vividi” (Vivid dreams), “In un attimo” (In a while), “Macerie” (Ruins), “Siamo noi” (It’s us) and “Verso il sole” (Towards the sun). It tells of dreams, virtual reality, false truths preached through the media in a crumbling world falling dawn by man’s greediness, error after error, horror after horror... What’s the matter? Where is God? You need to reach the bottom of the ravine to climb up again...

Exedra 2011

The melancholic, reflective “Siamo qui” (Here we are) with its cutting lights and inner darkness fades into the following “Come il vento” (Like the wind), a nervous piece about the ravages of time on human nature, then the long title track closes the album. “Apeiron” is a complex suite divided into seven parts: “Overture”, “Intorno a me” (Around me), “Le ali della farfalla” (The wings of the butterfly), Naufragio (Wreck), “Oceano di realtà” (Ocean of Reality), “Samsara” and “Io vivrò” (I will live). The music and lyrics unfold with many changes of atmosphere and mood following the dark shadows of an unavoidable fate, in search for a hidden harmony lost between order and disorder, trying to escape an inner wreck in an ocean of doubts where hazard and destiny play among the many threads of reality… 

On the whole, a good work even if the concept is not always clear. Have a try!

You can listen to the complet album HERE

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Sunday, 29 November 2020


Butterfly System come from Trento and were formed in 2015 by Michele D'Alberto (keyboards, vocals), Claudio Granatiero (bass, guitar, lead vocals, Taurus – former vocalist of Phaedra) and Claudio Cassol (drums, keyboards) with the aim of performing live progressive rock covers of bands such as Le Orme or EL&P and some original stuff. After a good live activity on the local scene and a hard work in their rehearsal room, in 2020 they self-released an interesting debut EP entitled Presagi (Omens), a mini concept album about child abuse featuring three original pieces for a total of more than 22 minutes.

The tense opener “Cenni di tempesta” (Signs of a storm) introduces the subject matter. The music and lyrics conjure up the image of a careless eight year old child laying on a meadow looking at the white clouds running in the sky, than this image melts like in a distant dream. Now the child is an adult who has lost his innocence, he can see nothing but the signs of a storm in the sky of his life and the clouds seem just dark omens about his future...

The disquieting “Stai con me” (Stay with me) deals with the painful memories of an abused child, wounds that time won’t heal. The music and lyrics evoke old fears and the wish for revenge of the child once grown up. There is a strong link between the physical, sexual or psychological maltreatment of children and the development of psychiatric problems and in some way you can feel it listening to the music that every now and again could recall the dark atmosphere of Goblin’s album Profondo Rosso...

Butterfly System 2020

“La fortezza” (The fortress) depicts a gloomy inner shelter where self-isolation is the last refuge against a world crowded with evil people and full of every kind of danger. High pitched vocals on the border of hysteria evoke the refusal to accept reality by building up an imaginary world that can drive you on the brink of madness. Now the abused child is a man who won’t let the world in on the secrets of his heart. Anger, shame and despair can lead to depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies or other and the child’s adaptive or protective mechanisms have become self-defeating leaving a wounded child within the adult but the music and lyrics try just to describe a state of mind: the conclusions are up to you...

On the whole, excellent music and a challenging conceptual work. A very promising debut!

You can listen to the complete EP HERE

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Saturday, 28 November 2020


Kite is the second album by Roman band Camelias Garden and it was self-released in 2015 with a largely renewed line up featuring Valerio Smordoni (lead and backing vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar), Simone Contini (drums) and Alberto Cari (bass) plus the guests Manolo D'Antonio (electric and acoustic guitar, backing vocals) and Gian Marco La Serra (piano, keyboards, backing vocals). It was recorded between 2014 and 2015 at Kate Creative Studio, LRS Factory and Studio Nero (Rome) and confirms the good qualities of their debut album from 2013 entitled You Have a Chance, with its light harmonies and refined arrangements mixing echoes of sixties psychedelia and pastoral atmospheres. The artwork by Isabella Latini in some way depicts the musical content...

The opener “Rise” is a short acoustic ballad with strummed acoustic guitar, a slightly pinch of psychedelia and soaring harmony vocals that could recall The Beatles. It describes a new dawn, a peaceful moment to start a day full of expectations and leads to the following “Making Things Together” veined of West Coast influences and positive vibrations that tells about a love story on the road...
The long, evocative title track has a slow pace and a dark, romantic mood. It describes in music and words a strange meeting in a cold starry night conjuring up visions where dreams and reality melt like if they were following the flight of a kite with its ups and downs: blind, light, beyond the limit of what’s real on a frame of subtle skies...

The soft, dreamy “Red Light” is about a kind of psychedelic trip through a beautiful place full of flowers and trees where a charming girl could drive you mad playing with colours and blending the red light of the rising sun with the magic of the surrounding nature. 

“The World Inside You” is another ballad with strummed acoustic guitars and percussions in the background that could recall the Beatles, especially in its final part. It’s about a kind of spiritual rebirth and evokes the inner power that everyone owns and that can heal the injuries of life... Then the closer “Useless” mixes a touch of electronic, modern sounds and filtered vocals with a pinch of spirituality and oriental philosophy.

Although defined as a simple EP the album reaches almost half an hour length and it’s longer than may albums from the sixties or the seventies. All in all, a pleasant listening.

You can listen to the complete album HERE

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