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Il Bacio della Medusa come from Perugia and were formed in 2002 by Simone Cecchini (vocals, 6 & 12 acoustic guitar, mandolin, charango), Federico Caprai (bass) and Diego Petrini (drums, organ, keyboards, piano, vibraphone, percussion). In December 2003 Simone Brozzetti (guitar) and Eva Morelli (flute) joined the band and in 2004 Il Bacio della Medusa released the eponymous debut album. The beautiful art cover painted by Federico Caprai describes the content and the mood of this work where dark, poetical lyrics and an interesting mix of progressive, hard rock and classical music reminds me every now and again of bands such as Biglietto per l’Inferno, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso and Jethro Tull...

Il Bacio della Medusa

The opener “Requiem per i condannati a morte” (Requiem for those condemned to death) begins with the disquieting sound of some greedy crows waiting for an execution... Soaring on heavy guitar riffs, filtered vocals describe the dismay of some people sentenced to death by hanging, people without dreams and with the fear into their blood, desperate eyes gazing from dark prisons, “damned souls sold out to justice...”. Then the tension melts in an acoustic ballad, “Sogno post mortem: fine d’un inverno” (A dream post mortem: end of a winter) where a deep sense of pity prevails: “At least let the ground receive our humble bones...”.

Next comes “Orientoccidente” (East-west), almost an electric dream on the footsteps of Marco Polo with an “Eastern air in a Western ground” feeling, featuring interesting bass lines and guitar riffs... “Oh sea, please tell me the deeds of heroes...”.

The long epic “Scorticamento di Marsia” is probably the “plat de résistance” of this work. It was inspired by the ancient myth of the satyr Marsyas, a great flutist who challenged Apollo in a music contest and was punished by the god with the death by flaying... “Let the wind blow in my flute that now lies on the ground...”. This track features many changes in rhythm and mood, an excellent work of flute and sax (provided by the guest musician Angelo Petri) and inspired, theatrical vocal parts...

Good also the next track, “Il vino (breve delirio del vino)” (Wine – short delirium of wine), where you can listen to an evocative accordion sound and to lyrics that remind me of some Baudelaire’s “maudits” poems about the consolatory powers of wine for desperate people... “Red, because the hand bloods in autumn / And warms the nights of ice / And the soulless eyes that tarnish the mirror...”.   

The “baroque” ballad “Cantico del poeta errante” (Song of the wandering poet) is another excellent track in three parts with the flute in the forefront and inspired vocals, while the long finale “De luxuria, et de ludo, et de taberna” is a tribute to the Italian poet Cecco Angiolieri (1260-1312) and is built upon one of his poems...

Although not flawless, I think that this debut work could be an excellent addition to the collection of every Italianprog lover. By the way, the album was re-released in 2008 by Black Widow Records and it is now available also on vinyl.

Il Bacio della Medusa: Il Bacio della Medusa (2004). Other opinions
Jim Russell: Recommended enthusiastically to all fans of hard rock and/or Italian progressive. If only all music were so authentic-this is a very, very fine red wine from the countryside of Perugia to your heart... (read the complete review HERE)
Erik Neuteboom: This is not very easy prog but if you are up to an exciting musical adventure, Il Bacio Della Medusa is yours! (read the complete review HERE)

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