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Zabov began life in Bologna in 1991 with a line up featuring Andrea Stagni (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Max Ceschi (bass) and Roberto Coppola (drums). The name of the band was inspired by a famous brand of liquor while their music was in a neo-prog vein with lyrics in English. After some immature demos, in 1995 they recorded a first album with the help of Alberto Piras (Deus Ex Machina) and some guests musicians. Unfortunately the band was not completely satisfied with the final result of the recording sessions and the album was never released.

You can listen to some tracks from Zabov's first unreleased album HERE

During the years two new members joined the band, guitarist Luca Gamberini in 1996 and vocalist Francesco Grande in 2002. One way or another Zabov had been active until 2007, when their experience came to an end after a hard work in studio and just before the release of what should have been their real debut album. As the previous one, it was never released on account of some arguments between the members of the band although it was almost finished.

You can listen to some tracks from Zabov's second unreleased album HERE

After this new disappointment Andrea Stagni, Zabov's main composer, moved on looking for other musicians to form another band and begin a new musical experience. Well, it's a pity that Zabov gave up but you never know, bands can split up and reform and maybe, sooner or later, Zabov's music will finally see the light.

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