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Tony Pagliuca was Le Orme's keyboardist until 1990. In the early nineties he went solo following a personal artistic path and since then ha has released six albums so far. His last work, “Après Midi – Ormeggiando”, was recorded between 2007 and 2010 with the supervision of Le Orme's historic producer Gianpiero Reverberi and features twelve tracks from Le Orme's repertoire re-interpreted for piano solo. The album was finally self released in 2010 with an elegant packaging featuring an art cover taken from a painting by Walter Mac Mazzieri, Canzoniere notturno. Well, in my opinion the art cover depicts in a very effective way the mood of this charming work full of delicate nuances and evocative, nocturnal passages. 

The opener “Gioco di bimba” sets the atmosphere. From the very first notes you can realize that this is not just an unplugged album or the fruit of a nostalgia operation. The music respects the feeling of the original pieces but explores new melodic solutions drawing beautiful games of lights and shadows. 

The following “Aliante” is the only track recorded live and it's taken from a concert in Florence in November 2009. “Venerdì” is an instrumental piece originally released in 1981 and this “naked” version, purified from the sounds of the eighties, in my opinion adds new perspectives and colours with an excellent result...

Tony Pagliuca 2010

Just imagine to sit in a café in San Marco Square, in Venice, and let the music stir your fantasy, unveiling hidden melodies and unexpected rhythmical solutions... “Verità nascoste”, “Aspettando l'alba”, “Immagini”, “La fabbricante d'angeli”, “Era inverno”, “Se io lavoro”, “Cemento armato”, “Sguardo verso il cielo”, “Collage”. The music flows away as in a beautiful dream and if you like Le Orme's historic works I'm sure you'll enjoy all this new instrumental versions as well. Have a try!

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