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The Iz Quartet come from Zoppola, a little town in the province of Pordenone. They began life in 2012 as an acoustic trio under the name Izchis Zorfena’s Trio on the initiative of Denis Ronchese (keyboards) and brothers Paolo Jus (bass, guitar) and Pietro Jus (drums, percussion). In 2013 Aurelio Tarallo (guitar) joined and later the band changed their name into Iz Quartet. In 2015 the band self-released an interesting EP entitled Lebannen featuring five original compositions for a total of 29 minutes length. The overall sound is influenced by jazz, fusion and progressive rock and bands and artists such as Snarky Puppy, Greg Howe, Chick Corea, Weather Report, Frank Zappa, Jaco Pastorius, Marcus Miller, Jamiroquai, Herbie Hancock or Miles Davis. Anyway, the musicians managed to put also all their passion and some good ideas into the mix and in my opinion the final result is really worth listening to.

Iz Quartet 2015

The opener "Geesy Ku" begins softly, then the rhythm rises and the music drives you through dreamy realms and exotic islands. For a first demo version of this track the band shot a nice video where you can see some toys coming to life in a workshop to explore a new world where creativity rules and where the music is the charm that makes things roll all around the place...

Next comes "Magic Bus" that takes you on a journey across the ocean and with its funky grooves conjures up an American dream along wide highways and busy streets, between lights and shadows... The following "Levity" features some Latin flavours and a lighter pace, so you can relax and dream of a special holiday, at least for a while...

The title track is an evocative piece with a mysterious atmosphere. Who is "Lebannen"? He might be the strange character portrayed on the art cover... Well, to begin the art cover reminds us that Zoppola is not for from Spilimbergo, another town in the province of Pordenone, best known for its Friuli School of Mosaic, so Lebannen might be an Oriental king or a Byzantine general with a double personality... Lebannen is also the name of a character in a fantasy saga written by American novelist Ursula K. Le Guin, but I don't know if this piece was really inspired by the deeds of the king of Earthsea... All in all, it doesn't matter! Let the music drive and take you away on the wings of your own fantasy...

The calm, acoustic "La rana di vetro" (The frog of glass) closes an album with some really good moments... Have a try, you can listen to the complete work HERE

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