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La Seconda Eclisse began life in Rome in 2004 on the initiative of Andrea Ledda (bass), Daniele Piaggesi (guitar, vocals) and Francesco Latini (drums). After a good live activity on the local scene, in 2006 the band self-released a still immature debut album entitled Alea where you can hear a mix of psychedelic influences and indie rock. In 2010 their musical palette was enriched by a new member, Paolo (sax, guitar, synth,) and in 2013 they started to work on new compositions. After long periods spent in the studio alternated with some pauses due to personal problems, in 2018 the new album saw the light. It is entitled Nuvolauomo and is an interesting conceptual work telling about a personal crises. The album was self-released and in my opinion marks a step forward for the band with its good blend of psychedelia, post rock, alternative influences and poetry.

The instrumental opener “Quanto tutto dorme” (When everything sleeps) starts with the sounds of a storm in the background and a nocturnal atmosphere... Then it’s the turn of “Un’idea” (An idea) that evokes mental tricks and virtual realities where mirrors reflect nothing but habits and shadows. The sense of the real world begins to fade, getting blurred by fantasies and doubts… There’s nothing around you now but black and white figures and confused ideas!

La Seconda Eclisse on stage 2018

The following “Ombre” (Shadows) every now and again reminds me of Goblin and features a slow pace and a dark mood. Music and words tell of shadows hiding behind silences and nightmares gathering on the edge of normality… Then the melancholic “Neve” (Snow) describes the memories of a difficult relationships that feels like a punch in the teeth. As the snow falls behind the window you can hear only careless voices and you look at the busy people running in the street while in your room grows a strong sense of alienation and solitude...

“Delirio” (Delirium) paints the images of screaming people under a threatening moon while a cutting madness is taking over... You have to face delirium and to play with your anguish and fear! Next comes the disquieting “Il sogno della mantide” (The mantis dream) where strong images and bloody thoughts are used to describe a sweetheart becoming a prying mantis, ready to devour her lover. After the instrumental central section the dream of the mantis and of the man who is waiting for her begins to fade out...

“Gli alberi” (The trees) is ethereal and dreamy. The act of looking at the trees out of the window stirs the feelings of a melancholic awakening from a nightmare. Now a new life and a new morning that you can’t still understand is looming on your horizon as the wind lightly moves the curtains on your bed... “L’apparenza” (The look) features a good sax solo and a nervous central section with the rhythm section in the forefront and soaring synth waves. It’s a track about the contrast between the need to put on a mask to hide your emotions and faults and the need to express in some way the same emotions and your own personality. 

On the following “Magnolia” you can hear some electric guitar riffs expressing the energy you need to face reality and walk your own way without heading false illusions, avoiding conformism and mediocrity. The cathartic title-track “Nuvolauomo” (Cloud man) ends the album with its mysterious atmosphere and oriental flavours. The music and lyrics here evoke a strange idea of changing, an inner revolution and a kind of spiritual rebirth... Well, a good conclusion for a very interesting album!

You can listen to the complete album HERE

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