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J’accuse..! are an interesting band from Trieste that was formed in 2001 by Sasha Colautti (vocals, lead guitar), Donald Paljuh (vocals, guitar), Michele Scherlich (bass) and Raffaele Tenaglia (drums, percussion). According to the band their many influences range from King Crimson to Mars Volta, from Area to Tool... Nonetheless during the years they have played together they seem to have found their own way and on their debut album “Abbandono del tempo e delle forme”, released in 2008 on Mellow Records, they blend progressive rock, psychedelia and post rock with a very original, mature personal taste building and shaping timeless “musical forms” upon evocative lyrics. The result is excellent...

The album opens with a spacey intro leading to the long, complex “Il tempo muta le forme” (Time changes forms). Some guitar lines give a touch of “Balkan flavour” to this piece while smothering vocals shape a desperate timeless prayer that breaks through invoking freedom from an inward desert made of evil and banality...

“Sul bordo dell'abisso” (On the edge of the abyss) is another very interesting long track that seems to depict a nightmare... “Confused memories do not help the eyes / Lost in a sea of thousands fears / It’s as you can’t breathe anymore / It’s as if you can’t feel the ground under your feet... I’m dreaming / I see angels falling like tears across the sky...”. The mood is claustrophobic and heavy but never boring (there are even a few moments that slightly remind me of Goblin’s “Profondo Rosso”) and the band showcase here a very good musicianship.

“L’angelo” (The Angel) and “Cercando un punto lontano” (Looking for a distant point) are shorter than the previous tracks but no less interesting... “L’angelo” was inspired by William Blake’s poem The Marriage of Heaven and Hell and is a track full of energy with heavy guitars in the forefront, while “Cercando un punto lontano” is calm and “reflective”... “I’m running faster than the wind... I’m tired of seeming like a ray reflected in the void / I’m still here...”.

The long, complex “Ricorre l’abbandono” (Abandonment recurs) is frenzied and melancholic, by far my favourite track on the album. It features a good jazz guitar solo by the guest musician Andrea Massaria and it’s a perfect finale to a very good work... “I feel inside me the rotten branch to pull it out / Destroy the soul, forget me! / Clean your feelings then bury me...”.

You can listen in streaming to the complete album HERE

J’accuse..!: Abbandono del tempo e delle forme (2008). Other opinions:
Jim Russell: This is an album for anyone who thinks there's no original rock and roll left on the landscape. This is not simply a "progressive rock" album for the traditional "prog" crowd but also just a great rock fix, something not to be taken lightly in a time when the media exhorts us to be excited over yet another U2 or Coldplay album and the public dutifully laps it up... (read the complete review HERE)

At the moment, after some line up changes, the band is working on a new album. I’m looking forward to listen to it!

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