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Endless Season came to life as a trio in 2014 in Bassano del Grappa, a town in the province of Vicenza, with a first line up featuring Lorenzo Di Prima (bass), Marco Busatto (drums) and Paolo Busatto (guitar). Later they were joined by Alessandro Brunetta (sax) and Marcello Sambataro (keyboards) who contributed to enrich the sound bringing new colours to the musical palette of the band. In 2016 the quintet self-released an interesting eponymous debut album with their original compositions full of freshness and energy. According to their website, Endless Season’s influences range from jazz/rock and fusion/funk artists such as Scott Henderson, Mike Stern, Dave Weckl Band, Oz Noy, Alain Caron and others to jazz musicians like Avishai Cohen and more progressive sounds. The final result, in my opinion, is really good: ten instrumental tracks with different atmospheres and moods that should be able to stir your curiosity...

The effervescent opener “Scott Noy” starts with a lively rhythm pattern, then frenzied passages alternate with calmer sections… Next comes the dreamy, relaxed “Misty Morning” that leads to the bursts of energy of the following “Mark Funk”. The mysterious “Sherazade” brings Oriental flavours and hypnotic atmospheres while on the following “Doctor Jelinek” the rhythm takes off again for a musical journey across the Ocean, towards American starry skies. Then it’s the time of the dark “Treasures For Teatime”. For this beautiful piece the band shot a video where you can discover the dangerous effects of the treasures of the title...

The slow “You Talk So Loud” could evoke a dance of big reptiles coming out like ghosts from the pages of an old book by Charles Darwin about evolution... Well, as you can guess, this piece vaguely reminds me of BMS and is one of my favourite tracks on this work. It leads to the frenzied, nervous “Elastic”. Then, the oblique funky of “The Big Crunch” and the long, complex “Zenith” close an album that in my opinion is really worth listening to.

Have a try! You can listen to complete album HERE

At the moment the band are working on new compositions with a renewed line up and I’m looking forward to listen to it...

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