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Hailing from Terni, in Umbria, Tom Shepperd’s Production began life in 2013 from the meeting of Andrea Pierini (guitar), Lorenzo Francioli (keyboards) and Marco Aurelio Ursini (drums) with Emanuele Viali (bass). Inspired by progressive bands from the past and present era, their aim was to compose original music to give form to the thoughts of an invented character, a crazy man called Tom Shepperd.

Tom Shepperd's Production on stage 2016

After a home made demo in 2013, in 2014 they self released an interesting first EP entitled A Quiet Walk In The Desert, featuring an instrumental suite divided into two parts. According to the band, it tells the journey of a boy reliving a trauma during a dream. The music starts softly, in the beginning the pace is slow… Then tension rises and many changes of rhythm and mood follow. Well, the atmosphere and the art cover remind me of a famous novel about a dark tower and a long walk in the desert of a man and a boy... There are quests and roads that lead ever onward, and all of them end in the same place – upon the killing ground. Except, perhaps, the road to the Tower. There ka might show its true face… (quote from The Gunslinger by Stephen King).

In 2017 the band self released another EP entitled Synolon – Subconscious. In my opinion, the new work marks a step forward and features two guest vocalists on one track, Thomas Soares and Weronika Bielecka. According to the band, the EP tells in music and words the first part of a tale set in a dystopic future, in a city where the inhabitants don't have the ability of feeling emotions but where something is slowly changing... 

The opener “Awakening” begins by the hypnotic ticking of an alarm clock and an ominous sound of hooters. The atmosphere is disquieting and frenzied as the metallic noise of time rumbles across the streets… The following “Looping Voices” with its marching beat and the threatening voices in the background describes a nightmarish city where blind work, separation and isolationism rule and nobody cares about each other. “Dead Dream” is calmer and depicts a dark, hopeless night. Here the music could recall Pink Floyd as in the following “The Craze” where you can listen to the voice of a rebel spirit asking for help and to back vocals that seem coming from the dark side of the moon. The last track, “The Thing”, is full of energy and increasing rage and leaves you in front of a difficult choice…

On the whole, an interesting work that deserves a try!

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