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Masquerade are a young band from Rome. They began their activity in 2012 with influences ranging from metal to classical music and progressive rock. According to the band, their aim is drawing from the past while looking to the future, mixing modern sounds and complex structures. In 2013 they recorded a debut EP entitled Madame Suite with a line up featuring William Belpassi (keyboards), Jacopo "Xso" Persoglio (guitar), Jacopo Quercia (drums, vocals) and Alessio Borsani (bass). For this work they collaborated with Gianmarco Marzo for the lyrics trying to develop in music and words the relationship between man and music… To be honest, the result is not always convincing: in the four tracks of the EP you can find some brilliant instrumental passages and some good ideas but the vocal parts, in my opinion, are not up to the task...

The opener “Where Are You (Leading Me)?” starts with a proud marching beat and a bolero pace, there’s an atmosphere of mystery and an exotic flavour in the air that seems to invite you to follow the muse portrayed on the album cover who’s climbing the steps of a lost temple in a fantastic world of creation and fear to enter a hypnotic vortex of colours and sounds… The long, complex title track follows blending classical piano passages and organ rides with touches of psychedelia and soaring guitar solos that every now and again seem trying to take off to the dark side of the moon...

“Queen Of Shadows” is in the same vein, trying to evoke a dance of Fire and Rain as reality melts, shadows creep and loom and everything fades away… “Sanctuary” ends the album with a nice instrumental first section and a weak second part with clumsy vocals on a strummed guitar pattern. 

Masquerade 2013

On the whole, I think that this is a still immature work but I’m sure that the band has a great potential and could do much better in the future. In the meanwhile you can listen to the complete EP and download it for free from bandcamp…

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